Away From Home

Jewelry Store at St. Marks Square Venice

This particular colorful image stopped me in my tracks one day when window shopping in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy.

Not a showstopper for many people but the uncanny similarities to a recent series of fish shack paintings I had been working on was so striking. I actually wished I had handled my efforts as beautifully as this jeweler and fabric designer. The small house images in brilliant color with the cloisonne-style of enameling gave a wonderful sparkle to the bracelets and the companion silk scarf was an even larger version of the same successful color combination.

I am a fan of color–of all kinds and combinations–especially when they are used as effectively as these. Although I am working on another series of new work these color influences will continue to find their way into my work.

Too bad the price tag was a bit out of my range because I’d love to have that memory around my wrist  for a long time.

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