Upside Down Gorgeous

closeup view from below

Common flower in Hawaii but not NH

What was that?

A glance out the window of the car and a quick u-turn found these beautiful flowers underneath a shadowed roadside overhang.­ I still haven’t researched the specific name for them but the shape of the flower itself, the subtle peach-colored petals and the drama of hanging upside down were too much to pass by. (flower is Angel’s Trumpet or Jimson Weed.)

Why is that? Continue reading

Glistening Sweetness

Sweet window shopping find

Who wouldn’t stop and take a long look at these beautiful little Italian tarts? So attractive under bright light, so beautifully presented as a pastry. OK, the well-used cooking sheet and paper cups wouldn’t win the day on Top Chef Continue reading

Rainy Day Pink

Florence Italy church facade

Rainy Day Pink

Is this a photo about a cathedral or an umbrella?

They were aligned together on an overcast drizzly day in Florence Italy. This random pairing and neutral colored background of intricate stonework was a beautiful complement to the pink backlit color of the random umbrella. The overcast sky and rainsoaked stone highlighted the pink tones of the stone– which made the umbrella just pop as an accent color. Continue reading