Upside Down Gorgeous

closeup view from below

Common flower in Hawaii but not NH

What was that?

A glance out the window of the car and a quick u-turn found these beautiful flowers underneath a shadowed roadside overhang.­ I still haven’t researched the specific name for them but the shape of the flower itself, the subtle peach-colored petals and the drama of hanging upside down were too much to pass by. (flower is Angel’s Trumpet or Jimson Weed.)

Why is that?

My husband is now perfectly trained to stop for these sorts of side trips—these small things that hold a precious gem of an inspiration—it might be color, shape, texture,  form or size–in this case at least 12″ long and 6″ across. Or it can just simply be something that is so unusual it must be recorded so it can be relived, refelt (is that a word?) or rethought.

These flowers were so Georgia O’Keeffe-like,  I know now she was my real motivation for stopping. I believe at some point in her life she experienced this same kind of drama and incorporated it into her fantastic flower series.  Fan or not, check this link for a wonderful example of Georgia’s interpretation of a flowers’ inspiration.

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