Unplanned Light in Venice, Italy

Wrong camera setting captures unplanned action

A too quick adjustment on my digital camera led to this unplanned image. Late day light was quickly disappearing and I was trying to find a low light setting on the camera when I basically gave up and snapped a few shots. I knew the exposure would not capture the actual lighting condition but what it did capture was a view full of interesting movement, forms and light.

Shimmering orange-yellow light images along the waterside restaurant  was not something I considered would be play an important part of the image. The rocking of the watertaxi shook these forms just enough to add movement–something I would never have captured if the boat stood still. The washed-out whites and greys of the background gives a mysterious looking sense of place.

It’s amazing how my fumbling with technology contributed to an accidental image that proved to be more exciting than had I found that right camera setting. I’ve seen it time and again with artists who try to find exactness when in reality a more casual, uncontrolled approach would have produced a much more captivating image. Next time, I’ll take some of my own advice and remember to think less and go with the flow.

One thought on “Unplanned Light in Venice, Italy

  1. My NubbleLight being lit for the holidays photo in my last blog for Christmas was taken when the cold weather was killing my battery so the shutter didn’t work…mistakes are fun with cameras

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