Abstract Red Sox

Not the best seats

From deep right field

Home runs are found here–at our favorite major league baseball stadium, Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. They can also be found by artists who see the world around them in a different perspective.

One beautiful summer day while watching a game at Fenway, I thought I’d take a few snapshots of the view from my right field seat–one of those seats that face straight ahead toward left field so you have a sore neck at the end of the game because you’ve been looking left for the entire nine innings. (If we win, the ache is quickly forgotten.)

As you can see, our seats were at an angle that obscured parts of the overhang and oversized Budweiser beer sign. To me, this view was a home run. The variety of forms–strong green-colored overhanging seating, colors of red, green, and sky blue, the design of the shape of the sky, the contrast of the overhead light and its light pattern of bulbs. All these contribute to an exciting potential–a new painting that will emphasize the abstract qualities of historic Fenway Park.

It’s important to learn to find the possibilities for inspiration in the visual world we live in. Frequently, the most unllikely places offer the most unique ideas for artists and writers.

So one day soon, I’ll step up to the plate, take a swing, and hope for at least a double. Maybe not a home run–but starting is really the most important part of the game.

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