Winter Whites Will Wait

Tree trunk abstract shape

Winter walk in the shadows

You might think this tree trunk is blocking the view of this antique colonial home in the village of Goffstown, NH. But the way I see it, it has created bold abstract forms contrasting against the bright whites of the white clapboards. And this stark color change from white to dark gray called out to me to take a closer look.

Powerful negative shapes between the limbs and trunk offer many possibilities for exploring strong compositions with little fine detail. Sometimes when investigating design options for a final painting, compositions are worked out in small format sketches where I work through various spacial relationships to discover just the right balance of positive and negative. The cool blues cast by the shadows on the building create soft-edged shapes that will enrich the final piece.

The brilliant blue sky at the upper right is a key feature that will be a powerful accent against the neutral whites and dark gray. I positively enjoy this aspect of discovery and look forward to putting big bold forms on a nice new canvas very soon. But…

Maybe I’ll wait til next winter –Spring is in the air


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