Tall, Dark and Handsome

Taking a Break in Florence

Casually taken photo of handsome Italian resting on sidewalk steps

How could I just walk by and NOT take a quick snapshot of this cute Italian guy? (Don’t you agree Jade and Gracie?) He could wind up in one of my paintings someday. I see an angled composition with flattened shapes and crisp color.

You just have to love small digital cameras–especially for taking photos of interesting people without disturbing or interrupting the moment.

You know how it is–you try to take a candid photo at a special moment and the person catches you and immediately they change their pose and demeanor–spoiling an opportunity to capture a one-of-a-kind image. Unfortunately those chances are rare to get the really great shot but keeping a digital camera with you when traveling on vacation either locally or abroad can greatly improve your chances.

Remember when you had one frame left on your old slr and no extra film? How precious your decision had to be. But digital has made that a thing of the past. Now just fearlessly click away and take your time to capture an inspiring image.

Not quite ready, aim, shoot!


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