Coming Up for Air


Encased in pool blue

Up for Air

This perfect summer day included a patient grandchild who willingly sank below the surface to help make a cool photo.  I loved the way the water glistened over her skin while her dark hair delineated beautiful facial features. Timing was everything–many clicks later–as water holds still for no one. The pool provided the expected blues while Emily’s skin provided a subtle warm golden tan, a complimentary color for the blue. The dark accents of her facial expression, hair and eyebrows combine in a very pleasing arrangement. Unusual yet familiar. Fun yet sophisticated. Almost model-like.

Even when relaxing poolside with family on a beautiful summer day, I’m still evaluating things I see–looking at color, shape, form, texture imagining how it will influence new work. In the style of Alex Katz perhaps.

Not that I’d actually paint an image of this photo, but the fact I remember taking it over three years ago means I still find something special about this shot and will try to incorporate it into a piece someday.

Though don’t hold your breath.


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