Coming and Going in a Storm

Sailing away from the storm

This small tropical storm threatened to ruin our plan of a day sail on the Calabazas catamaran while vacationing off the south coast of Barbados. But thanks to our captain, we navigated away from this front throughout the day.

This photo was taken from the bow of the boat as we headed toward a popular snorkeling spot to view sea turtles. This is definitely one advantage of living on the coast–incredible opportunities to see many miles ahead which allowed me the opportunity to snap a photo of the drama of the storm front before it hit land. (Turns out our villa was hit by the torrential rain of this front while we were sitting on the boat, sipping rum punch, meeting other guests, sharing stories and eating great foods.)

The foreboding cloud bank hanging over the land left a skyhole of light that provides a strong contrast to the darkness of the stormfront. That will be the key feature of a future painting. Considering how best to handle this drama is always a welcomed challenge–should I use oil or watercolor or mixed media.

It’s one thing to snap a photo, it’s quite another to develop and intensify the drama of the scene into a piece that has my unique sensibilities in color, design, brushstrokes and format. I’m thinking a large painting juicy oil paint softly blending grey lavenders contrasting against a slightly warmer white. I’ll be exploring this through several sketchbook studies and look forward to getting started.

Hurricane Irene will come close this weekend in New Hampshire and has made this post pretty appropriate. Here’s hoping we ride out this storm in good shape.

Might be using candlelight in the studio….

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