Sweetening the Deal

Nothing like a great pastry shop

Is there anything that comes close to being more appetizing?

Ok. I admit it. Sparkling, colorful sweets call out to me at any pastry shop. And this one in Boston near the statehouse was screaming–you must at least take a photo if you’re not going to take me home to gobble me up. I find these simply irresistible to look away from for a few reasons–first, the color combinations of complimentary colors–red and green, oranges and blues, neutral color of the crust is the perfect foil allowing the intensity of the luscious fruits to be the star of the show. Add a bit of glittering gel to catch the specular highlights of the overhead lighting and you have a perfectly delicious still life–just waiting to be developed by a color-loving artist–like me.

Shelf after shelf

4 thoughts on “Sweetening the Deal

    • Boston near the state capitol–I’m such a Boston rookie after living only an hour-ish away my whole life. Oh well. It is a wildly popular bakery that is hard to even get in to on weekends. We were in Boston over Columbus Day and wandered around the Common. Gorgeous day-80 degrees. I didn’t actually eat the tarts but did go for the chocolate croissant. Yum.

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