Racing Home

lavender misted orange

What a way to end a spectacular day in paradise. This lavender and complementary misted orange was an unbelievable combination enveloping us as we sat on the beach watching and waiting to see if we would get a sunset–and we were not disappointed. But one of us was disappointed. Continue reading

Frozen Blue

I’ve beenĀ  waiting for the stuff to fall from the sky that simplifies the landscape, provides a smooth landing for chilly shadows, and acts as a perfect foil for crystal clear blue skies. For a long time, a snow-covered landscape has been so much more appealing to me than a drenched-in-greens landscape. I love the way a winter snowfall covers over the extraneous details and forces us to see the simplicity of forms.

The challenge for artists of all kinds is how to deal with the color of whites Continue reading