Racing Home

lavender misted orange

What a way to end a spectacular day in paradise. This lavender and complementary misted orange was an unbelievable combination enveloping us as we sat on the beach watching and waiting to see if we would get a sunset–and we were not disappointed. But one of us was disappointed. My husband. And he has a precise idea of the perfect sunset–the sun must fall into the horizon in a perfect crisp, intense sphere of hot red, orange or yellow. Wow. I never knew that.

But as we talked I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene behind him. This sultry purple and orange combination was so dramatic and long lasting my brain was trying hard to remember the sensation so I could reenact it for a future painting. Blending a purple with an orange could create a really muddy brown so it will be a fun challenge to maintain control of the glazes of color. Let’s see what happens.

The running lights on the skiff added a great accent bringing attention to the boat despite the huge proportion of darker clouds in the background. Another important role the boat plays is to bring a sense of depth or middle ground via the wake it leaves behind the boat as it races home.


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