Barbados–the beginnings

So here’s how it all begins. A beautiful view from a tropical island accented with a cool rum drink, a fresh sketchbook, well-used color palette, and the thought that this no-holes-barred way of interpreting what is in front of me is about to begin anew.

A direct from life experience recorded with a digital camera is a reminder of what I felt at a moment–its never a crutch to slavishly render a scene. For me it’s a beginning, and the end results may not be anything like the final art piece. These starts are so much fun–every time.

2 thoughts on “Barbados–the beginnings

  1. Late again to reply to you–had a good turnout at the opening the other night. People very upbeat about the theme–sold one and a potential commission for a large piece based on a palm tree pattern. Cool. Hope things are well in cowgirl country.

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