The Nubble Effect

The beauty of classic architectural details, color, and building forms are recognized by everyone. To the point of boredom to some. Isn’t it amazing that a visually interesting collection of forms–built for a specific utilitarian purpose as Nubble Light in York, Maine–continues to capture the attention of  tourists and artists alike. What is not attractive about a crisp summer sky, and it’s reflection on the ocean, sharp white sturdy buildings contrasted against warm green grass. And the grass accented with the complimentary red of the building draws the most attention even though it is so small. And let’s not forget the varied grey tones of the rocks so important providing a neutral base for the overall color scheme. Of course most important to an artist is to design the painting rectangle–the space that will be used to create a composition expressing what the artist feels about the scene. This Nubble Light scene has attracted artists for decades and will continue to inspire them to improve their work.

2 thoughts on “The Nubble Effect

    • My first time believe it or not to see it in person this summer. So many years of seeing this view from afar not from York, classic and almost overworn in it’s overexposure to the world. Just a example of the longstanding value of great design.

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