Up the Road a Piece–Dunbarton, NH

Route 13 in Dunbarton, NH.

Route 13 in Dunbarton, NH.

Winter provides all kinds of opportunities to see our local views differently. A covering of snow cleans up the scruffy autumn leftovers and brings a blanket of clean to my world. The contrast now of the white snow against the dark trees and foliage highlights the forms of the landscape previously hidden by lush green leaves. The snow simplifies complicated textures and colors of summertime. The solidness of summer greens is refreshing yet difficult for me to work with. This probably explains why I love the fall, when greens lose their intensity, and yellows, oranges and reds rise to the top. And the warm lavender, grey and soft browns of tree bark and branches show themselves again. All ready to be wrapped in a blanket of snow. Here’s to snow in the forecast.

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