Sketch Crawl at the Fair

Fair at Sunapee 203

Sketch-crawl-sort of like bar-hopping without the beer but with a pen. Here is a an example of something I find fun to do–other artists are frightened by the notion of sketching people in action in public–I’ve been there, too, I have to admit. But I love the freshness of the results–even the inexact faces and body motions that I continue to give it a try. These vignettes were done directly from life as I wandered around the fairgrounds at the League of NH Craftsmen Fair in Newbury, New Hampshire on August 8th, 2013. The place was bustling with artistic activity and visitors watching with great interest as the craftspeople demonstrated their art. Very inspiring. I moved quickly from location to location and in an hour had enough vignettes on the page to begin the process of painting.

(Note: The NH Art Association (NHAA) and League of NH Craftsmen committees decided to end the many year association with the NHAA. No longer is the tent filled with original artwork and photographs a part of the Fair experience. We had so many people come up to us when we were demonstrating for the day to ask us “Where are the artists? Where are the paintings? I came here specifically to see that part of the show.” Wow. There were some very disappointed people sad to say. We lost count after 50–and it was only the early afternoon, of one day. Hope NHAA and the League will rethink their decision–there are many of us artists who were counting on participating and obviously the Fair had more of a following than it thought.) Please contact either organization if you’d like to see the artists back at Sunapee. Thank you.

Painting About More Than Reflections

Reflections at Work story

How a blurry photo of a clear day inspires

It seems to be endlessly interesting for art viewers to learn the story behind a painting. And to tell you the truth I like to dig in and find out this information too when I am on the gallery hopping route. I like to make the link from inspiration to interpretation and put myself in an artist’s shoes/sandals/barefeet and see what they saw, feel what they felt, and hear the little thing that became so powerful it had to become an artwork. It’s these translations that are as varied as there are artists in the world. So enjoy the view and let me know your thoughts on my visual story above. Find me and click the “Like” button to follow me on Facebook at www.Facebook/anntrainordomingueart or

Finding art in a wetland of New Hampshire

From soggy wet to art

From soggy wet to art

How many options are there with a photo reference such as this? So many I still haven’t exhausted the possibilites and I have done at least 12 paintings of all sizes to try to capture the essence of this scene. So much to work with. So much to leave out. The trick is which is which. And that is the most fun and challenging. Some landscape images thrill me, others do not. I use my sketchbook to work on figuring this out. Lots and lots of pages. Each one getting closer to what my sensibilities say is right. Yours, and any artist’s will be different. Isn’t that great? Visit my website to see more or email me at to receive my newsletter.

How just a snapshot inspires a boatload of paintings

MacMillan Wharf fishing boat

MacMillan Wharf, Cape Cod fishing boat slowly cruising home

From snapshot, to sketch, to final painting–here’s a sample of how I create my paintings. Not all happen this way but this is a process I find captures an inspiration, allows me to mull over the possibilites and then sketch options and try out with various media. Exploring without knowing my end goal is my idea of great fun while creating each artwork. Visit my website to see more or email me at to receive my newsletter.

Big city Boston, small town sketch

Photo inspiration meets sketch

Photo inspiration meets sketch

How an inspiration turns into an artwork is not always a straight line. Nor does it come straight from a photo. In this case, a quick shot included enough information to work out a sketch full of character rather than fully-rendered details.

Sweetening the Deal

Nothing like a great pastry shop

Is there anything that comes close to being more appetizing?

Ok. I admit it. Sparkling, colorful sweets call out to me at any pastry shop. And this one in Boston near the statehouse was screaming–you must at least take a photo if you’re not going to take me home to gobble me up. I find these simply irresistible Continue reading

Coming and Going in a Storm

Sailing away from the storm

This small tropical storm threatened to ruin our plan of a day sail on the Calabazas catamaran while vacationing off the south coast of Barbados. But thanks to our captain, we navigated away from this front throughout the day.

This photo was taken from the bow of the boat as we headed toward Continue reading