Coming and Going in a Storm

Sailing away from the storm

This small tropical storm threatened to ruin our plan of a day sail on the Calabazas catamaran while vacationing off the south coast of Barbados. But thanks to our captain, we navigated away from this front throughout the day.

This photo was taken from the bow of the boat as we headed toward Continue reading

Coming Up for Air


Encased in pool blue

Up for Air

This perfect summer day included a patient grandchild who willingly sank below the surface to help make a cool photo.  I loved the way the water glistened over her skin while her dark hair delineated beautiful facial features. Timing was everything–many clicks later–as water holds still for no one. The pool provided the expected blues while Emily’s skin provided a subtle warm golden tan, a complimentary color for the blue. The dark accents of her facial Continue reading

Tall, Dark and Handsome

Taking a Break in Florence

Casually taken photo of handsome Italian resting on sidewalk steps

How could I just walk by and NOT take a quick snapshot of this cute Italian guy? (Don’t you agree Jade and Gracie?) He could wind up in one of my paintings someday. I see an angled composition with flattened shapes and crisp color.

You just have to love small digital cameras–especially for taking photos of interesting people without disturbing or interrupting the moment. Continue reading

Abstract Red Sox

Not the best seats

From deep right field

Home runs are found here–at our favorite major league baseball stadium, Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. They can also be found by artists who see the world around them in a different perspective.

One beautiful summer day while watching a game at Fenway, I thought I’d take a few snapshots of the view from my right field seat–one of those seats that face straight ahead toward left field so you have a sore neck at the end of Continue reading

Unplanned Light in Venice, Italy

Wrong camera setting captures unplanned action

A too quick adjustment on my digital camera led to this unplanned image. Late day light was quickly disappearing and I was trying to find a low light setting on the camera when I basically gave up and snapped a few shots. I knew the exposure would not capture the actual lighting Continue reading

Upside Down Gorgeous

closeup view from below

Common flower in Hawaii but not NH

What was that?

A glance out the window of the car and a quick u-turn found these beautiful flowers underneath a shadowed roadside overhang.­ I still haven’t researched the specific name for them but the shape of the flower itself, the subtle peach-colored petals and the drama of hanging upside down were too much to pass by. (flower is Angel’s Trumpet or Jimson Weed.)

Why is that? Continue reading

Rainy Day Pink

Florence Italy church facade

Rainy Day Pink

Is this a photo about a cathedral or an umbrella?

They were aligned together on an overcast drizzly day in Florence Italy. This random pairing and neutral colored background of intricate stonework was a beautiful complement to the pink backlit color of the random umbrella. The overcast sky and rainsoaked stone highlighted the pink tones of the stone– which made the umbrella just pop as an accent color. Continue reading