Barbados–the beginnings

So here’s how it all begins. A beautiful view from a tropical island accented with a cool rum drink, a fresh sketchbook, well-used color palette, and the thought that this no-holes-barred way of interpreting what is in front of me is about to begin anew. Continue reading

Racing Home

lavender misted orange

What a way to end a spectacular day in paradise. This lavender and complementary misted orange was an unbelievable combination enveloping us as we sat on the beach watching and waiting to see if we would get a sunset–and we were not disappointed. But one of us was disappointed. Continue reading

Coming and Going in a Storm

Sailing away from the storm

This small tropical storm threatened to ruin our plan of a day sail on the Calabazas catamaran while vacationing off the south coast of Barbados. But thanks to our captain, we navigated away from this front throughout the day.

This photo was taken from the bow of the boat as we headed toward Continue reading